Los Altos Post 558


Memorial Day
Last Monday in May at 11 a.m.

Join Los Altos Post 558 for one hour on Memorial Day each year at the Veterans Memorial located in Eagle Park, 650 Franklin St. Mountain View.  This day honors the "Fallen", the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives, to serve and protect our Nation and Allies.  

This one-hour ceremony is held on the last Monday in May starting at 11 a.m. at the Mountain View Veterans Memorial in Eagle Park. 

  • Chairs are provided on the lawn for elderly and disabled residents; and there is room for wheelchairs and scooters along the main path with good views of the flag procession, wreath laying, and speakers. 

  • An Honor Guard begins the ceremony with the procession of flags. 

  • Five wreaths are laid underneath each military service branch emblem by individuals. 

  • Speakers and singers memorialize the Fallen and inspire us. 

  • The ceremony concludes with the playing of Taps and the raising of the flags to full staff, signifying "the persistence of the nation in the face of loss" or simply "the Nation still stands" after a battle or tragedy.

  • In today's modern nation, we often see flags raised after an earthquake, flood, hurricane or tornado to signify, we, "the Nation still stands."‚Äč

















Veterans Day - Two Cities - Two Ceremonies!
Mountain View 11 a.m. and Los Altos 2 p.m.

Mountain View 

Join Los Altos Post 558, co-organizers of the Mountain View Veterans Memorial, for a one-hour ceremony at Eagle Park, 650 Franklin St., Mountain View.  The event takes place on November 11th at 11 a.m.  This day is always observed on this date and hour, which is the day and time that the Armistice Treaty was signed ending World War I.  (However, some other cities may have different hours for convenience.)

On Veterans Day, we honor all Veterans, living or deceased, serving domestically or internationally, because serving in the U. S. Armed Forces is a sacrifice of the individual (and their family), in order to protect and serve others.

The event is organized by the Mountain View Veterans Memorial Committee, American Legion Los Altos Post 558 and Admiral William A. Moffett Post 881.

Los Altos

The City of Los Altos observes Veterans Day at 2 p.m. in the Veterans Community Plaza in Downtown at the corner of State & Main Streets.  Join American Legion Los Altos Post 558 here, too.

You may also like to visit the City of Los Altos Veterans Memorial, which is located in Shoup Park, 400 University Avenue.  The Cradle of Liberty bronze statue depicts a soldier gently holding an infant.  This statute was donated to the City by the Veterans Memorial Association of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills in 1998.  The statue was created by artist Rebecca Joy Truman, a descendent of President Truman.



June 14th is Always Flag Day. 

Show your patriotism by flying a flag at your home every day.  Attend a one-hour Flag Retirement Ceremony in June.

When your home's flag becomes worn or torn, dispose of it properly by taking it to an America Legion Post in your community.  Look for a stand-alone, old-fashioned "mail box" (painted red white and blue) near the entrance of any Post to deposit your family's worn out American flags. The closest Post home in North Santa Clara County is Los Altos Post 558, 347 1st Street. Visit calegiondistrict13.org for other Post locations near you.

On the Saturday closest to Flag Day, a special one hour ceremony for the region is held by veterans at Oakhill Cemetery in San Jose.  This is a great educational opportunity for children and adults.  At this one hour ceremony, an American Legion Honor Guard burns a small piece of the worn flags placed in a combat helmet, sitting on top of three rifles, to properly "retire and honor" all flags that are worn or damaged. 

This is the only time a flag may be burned per the U. S. Flag Code.   Contact us for more details of this year's date and time.